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SBR Admixture 5 Litres

SBR Admixture 5 Litres


A styrene butadiene copolymer latex, which increases flexibility of cement screeds and mortars and improves water and chemical resistance and durability.

Suitable for internal and external floors and rendering in areas of continual or intermittent water and chemical contact.

Excellent waterproofing admixture that improves adhesion of cementitious screeds and reduces shrinkage and cracking when repairing floor screeds.

Also ideal as a bonding agent for new to old concrete.

APPLICATION Can be used as a bonding agent, as an admixture or general purpose primer (tiling etc).

For improving a mortar's, render's or floor screed's abrasion and chemical resistance.

Key coat applications to substrates with a low porosity.

For repair patching of concrete and cement screeds, to improve adhesion and flexibility of screeds.

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