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Your Questions, Answered

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery charges start at £10.00 per lorry load and increase depending on how far away you are from the yard.

How much is one lorry load?

A lorry can bring up to 4 bulk bags or the equivalent in one trip

Do you sell half bulk bags?

For most stones and building aggregates we are able to provide half a bulk bag, please enquire for availability and price.

Do you deliver outside of Leicestershire ?

Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver outside of Leicestershire

How do you deliver?

We deliver using one of our crane lorries that can often place the bulk bags and other goods you have ordered precisely where you want them.

Do the prices quoted include VAT?

Yes all prices include VAT.

Are you open to the public as well as trade customers?

Yes we are open to both public and trade.

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